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For the landscaping at the Idea House, she is planting such colorful indigenous perennials as Rosa virginiana, Amelanchier and Eupatorium in groups so that they naturally offset a meadow of wildflowers. A mowed path, rather than one of wood or stone, leads through the meadow to the dock on Calf Creek and directs the eye towards the water. Rather than leveling the property out, some of the natural topography is maintained through the construction of a rustic retaining wall. Varying sizes of fieldstone were stacked to create this dramatic anchor for the property, which harkens back to the area's farmland history. The various natural textures of the gardens are accomplished by combining different native grasses, which will provide gradations of color and movement in the summer breeze. Soft, delicate flowers like gaura (commonly known as "whirling butterflies") will mimic the dancing of the wildflowers in the meadow.

When the Idea House opens to the public on August 4, not only will we have a Hamptons home impeccably designed inside and out, but, thanks to Brown, it will look like it has always belonged to the property on which it sits.

What you should know about landscaping in the Hamptons

  • The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has strict guidelines governing what and where you can plant or build. (See www.dec.state.ny.us)
  • The permit application process is time-consuming and best left to professionals who have experience working with the DEC. Trying to tackle the process yourself is never the best idea.
  • Restrictions change often: Just because your neighbors have built a retaining wall on their property doesn't necessarily mean you can have one, too.
  • Do your homework and have a solid plan before starting the application process.

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